Personalized Care

Accu-Pak Packaging

Keep on top of your daily medication by organizing them in Accu-Pak blister packaging.  With this free service, you won't need to count or track medication because we help divide your medication according to the frequency, time and date.

Annual Care Plans

Annual Care Plans are subsidized by the Alberta Government if they meet the required criteria.  We can help decipher if you're qualified and take you through the process of creating the documentation that will help shape a healthie you.

Diabetes Care Centre

1 in every 3 Canadians live with Diabetes or Prediabetes.  Individuals with diabetes can live an active and independent life with proper knowledge and understanding of the disease.  We can assist in all facets of diabetes, give us a call or visit today.

Immunization & Injection Services

Certified to take care of you, we can administer Flu shots, Twinrix, Gardasil, Vitamin B12 and many other travel medications.  At your convenience, visit or schedule an appointment to discuss your travel plans and required vaccination.

Medication Reviews

Are you concerned about the medication you are currently consuming?  By scheduling a medication review with our consultants, we learn about your health concerns and medication, so we can assist in improving your overall health.

Prescription Refill

Prescription refills couldn't be more easy or convenient.  Call or email your prescription and we'll have it ready for you within one business day.  If you live in Edmonton and can't visit us directly?  We'll deliver to your home or work!

Saliva Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing is the easiest and most non-obtrusive way to collect your hormone levels.  We can collect, package and send your sample to the lab; and, ased on your results, we can provide assistance the best we can.

Women's Health Consultation

If you have questions about osteoporosis, birth control, menopause, diet, exercise, or premenstrual syndrome, we have the knowledge and resources to inform you.  Give us a call or schedule an appointment today.

Have questions?

We'll answer!  If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please call or visit.