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With Functional Medicine

Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark in Edmonton redefines healthcare with functional medicine. We dig deep to uncover the root causes of your health issues, tailoring personalized solutions for your unique needs. Through advanced diagnostic testing and a thorough analysis of your medical history, we pave the way to optimal wellness.

Our expert Pharmacists and healthcare professionals provide comprehensive consultations and develop treatment plans to align with your lifestyle and wellness objectives. Additionally, we offer a range of top-quality supplements and natural health products to support your journey toward optimal health.

Your well-being is our top priority, and our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through your healthcare journey, whether you’re managing chronic conditions or striving for overall well-being


  • Diseases

  • Doctor Centered

  • Everyone is Treated the Same

  • Specialized

  • Diagnosis Based on Symptoms

  • Early Detection of Disease


  • Health Oriented

  • Patient Centered

  • Holistic

  • Looks at Underlying Cause of Disease

  • Biochemical Individuality

  • Preventative Approach

Break Free from Conventional Medicine

Discover the future of healthcare with Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark in Edmonton, where we transcend the boundaries of traditional medicine. Our focus on functional medicine unlocks a world of innovative treatments, including natural remedies, alternative therapies, and tailored health solutions, all designed to put you at the center of your wellness journey.

Our team of expert pharmacists is more than just providers; we are attentive listeners and advisors, committed to guiding you towards your health aspirations. Step beyond the limits of conventional healthcare and delve into the dynamic realm of functional medicine with us.

At Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark, your health is our highest priority. We offer comprehensive services such as nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching, aimed at empowering you to take charge of your health holistically. Experience the assurance of our personalized approach and premium supplements, ensuring that your path to optimal health is nurtured with the finest care available.

Your Trusted Pharmacy

Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark stands as a pillar of trust in Edmonton, AB, offering an extensive array of natural medications and over-the-counter products. Beyond this, our functional medicine consultation services can help us adapt to meet your distinct needs.

Our attentive pharmacy team is dedicated to ensuring you use your treatments safely and effectively. We're always available to address any queries or concerns you might have. We further extend our commitment to your health by offering a range of wellness services – from flu shots and blood pressure monitoring to diabetes management.

With a history rooted in trust within the community, Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark is always here, prioritizing your care.

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Functional Medicine

At the Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark in Edmonton, we offer natural Functional Medicine solutions tailored to your individual health needs.

Our team takes pride in collaborating with you to create treatment plans specifically designed for you

Travel vaccines

Preparing for an international journey? Secure your travel vaccines at Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark in Edmonton.

Our expert pharmacists guide you on essential vaccines and provide on-site administration. Travel confidently, safeguarding your health.

Prescription Fulfillment

At the Medicine Shoppe Meadowlark located in Edmonton, we pride ourselves on providing an effortless prescription service.

Our team is dedicated to offering quick and friendly assistance, ensuring all your prescription needs are met efficiently and with the utmost care.

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